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RDI are a respected and established company operating in the Highlands from our base in Thurso. For over 10 years we have designed, installed and serviced accredited modern high efficiency energy systems. Our services encompass domestic to estate and commercial applications and we have demonstrable reference systems throughout the Highlands.

If you need or want serviced: biomass, solar thermal, heat pump, under-floor and traditional oil & gas heating, multi-fuel stoves, photovoltaics, cavity & loft insulation, damp-proofing and woodworm treatment, contact us here.

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Green Deal Qualifications

Green Deal Advisory Service

RDI Renewables Ltd. Home Assist is one of the only qualified Green Deal Advisory services in Scotland. A Green Deal Assessment is carried out as the first step in the Green Deal process, and all Advisors must work under the direction of an authorised Green Deal organisation. In order to employ Green Deal Assessors, RDI Renewables Ltd. has been certified according to the Green Deal Scheme Standard and are part of the Green Deal Register.

RDI Renewables Ltd. Home Assist’s qualified and authorised Green Deal advisors meet the requirements set out in both the National  Occupational Standards (NOS) for Green Deal Advisors

Green Deal Advisor

RDI Renewables Ltd. has directly-employed Green Deal Assessors, who can undertake your Green Deal Assessment, the first stage in the Green Deal Process. An Assessor will visit your property and analyse the ways in which your property can be improved for increased energy efficiency. The Assessor is responsible for talking you through your green deal advice report and will answer most of your queries with regards to what measures are available to you through the Green Deal. The Green Deal Assessor will also help you with your energy behaviour and recommend some changes that will improve your energy bills.

Green Deal Installer

Once your property has been Green Deal assessed and a finance package has been agreed with your Green Deal Provider, RDI Renewables Ltd. will be appointed as your Green Deal Installer. As an authorised Green Deal Installer, RDI Renewables Ltd. are certified to install Green Deal recommended energy-saving improvements, under your agreed Green Deal finance plan.

As accredited Green Deal Installers, RDI Renewables Ltd. Home Assist meet a strict Code of Practice in realtion to Green Deal.  This includes using certified products and materials, employing customer care systems and providing insurance warranties for materials and installation.  

Green Deal Provider

Further to carrying out your Green Deal assessment and installment  RDI Renewables Ltd. Home Assist will help you choose an authorised Green Deal provider and help you arrange your Green Deal Plan.The Green Deal Plan sets out the financial  terms of the agreement, and includes customer protections, such as warranties on the Green Deal products, services, and installation.

Green Deal Providers are responsible for;

  • Offering a Green Deal Plan to their customers, based on the recommendations of an Assessor Organisation.
  • Arranging for the installation of energy efficiency improvements by installers
  • Ongoing customer queries in relation to their Green Deal plan, such as providing information when a new bill-payer moves into the property.

Green Deal Providers are assessed annually by a Green Deal Advisory Service to ensure that all Green Deal quality standards are being maintained.



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