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RDI Renewables Ltd. is established local company covering Scotland Highlands, Thurso, Wick, Inverness, Caithness, Sutherland, the Orkney Islands supporting the Green Deal initiative. RDI can provide Green Deal Schemes, install Solar PV, Air Source Heat pumps, Central Heating, Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Biomass Boilers all over Scotland.

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General Info about Heat pumps

Heat pumps are a great way get your heating bills under control and can provide you with heating and hot water at an affordable cost.

There are several different types of heat pump on the market, the main two are air source and ground source heat pumps. RDI Specialises in air source as it is more suitable for the retro market that we serve. Any heat pump works on the basic princable of moving heat from one area (or source) to another, i.e. a ground source heat pumps absorbs heat from the ground and rejects that heat into your home. Air source heat pump use a refridgeration cycle to do the exact same, even if it is -15c outside our heat pumps can still pull enough heat out of the air to heat a home. The benefit of this is that you only pay for a compressor inside the heat pump to transfer the heat from outside but this only uses a very small amount of energy. A typical example of one of our heat pumps would be a compressor using 1.85kw of electricity and delivering 8.6kw of heat to the home. In this scenario you would be getting 4.65 times more heat that what you are paying for. Coupled with thermostatic control and programmable timer a heat pump makes a very good investment.

Air to Air

Air source heat pumps can be split into two main categories air to water and air to air. We install both and both are fantastic at what they do. An air to air heat pump is very simply an air conditioning system if you have ever been abroad and had a hotel room with a unit in the wall that blows out cold air then you know what an air to air heat pump is. We don't have much need for cooling in Scotland so we use them in reverse I.e. instead of absorbing heat from the room and rejecting it outside we are absorbing heat from the air outside and rejecting it in. Air to air heat pumps are easy to install in an existing house with little disruption and normally no decoration, they have programable thermostats and timers not to mention built in air purification for anyone who suffers hay fever or respiratory problems.

Air to Water

Air to water heat pumps are the same as air to air but instead of delivering the heat via air con units the heat is transferred into water which is in turn circulated through your radiators or a hot water cylinder to provide you with domestic hot water for the shower and sink. The advantage of this is that this can provide central heating in every room in the house or heat a underfloor heating plinth. New HT heat pumps can reach up to 80c making them ideal for older radiators in existing houses.

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